Yocan Uni Cartridge Battery

Yocan Uni Cartridge Battery

Yocan America introduces the Yocan Uni battery for vape cartridges.

The Yocan Uni uses a radical new adjustable aperture to hold your cartridge safely and securely in place. The adjustable aperture mean the Uni works with virtually ANY cartridge, from the thinnest to thickest.  The Uni is equipped with preheat function and adjustable voltage to adapt to your vaping needs.

Yocan Uni Vape Battery

Adjustable Aperture

The Uni features a patented adjustable atomizer holder to fit different atomizers. The 'Death Star Doors' effectively tighten around your cartridge for a snug, secure fit. This allows the Uni to work with almost any cartridge size and airflow configuration. 

Yocan Uni Adjustable Cartridge Holder

Adjustable Height

The Uni also adjust to the height of your cartridge with a patented height adjustment option. A switch on the side of the device allows you to adjust the base up or down to compensate for shorter or longer cartridges. 

Yocan Uni Adjustable Height

Preheat Function

The Uni includes a 10 second preheat function. This rapidly warms up your oils before vaping to improve the ability of thicker oils and concentrates to flow through the cartridge. Rapidly clicking the power button 2 times will put the device in preheat mode. Preheat lasts for 10 second unless deactivated by 2 rapid button clicks.

Yocan Uni Preheat

Adjustable Voltage

The Uni features 3 voltage levels. The voltage level is indicated by 3 lights on the front of the device. When the device is turned on simply press the power button 3 times rapidly to adjust the voltage level.

Yocan Uni Adjustable Voltage Mod

Magnetic 510 Thread Adapter

The Uni includes a magnetic 510 thread adapter that allows your cartridge to be simply dropped into the device and make connection. To install the connector just screw it onto the threading on your favorite 510 cartridge.

Yocan Uni 510 Thread Magnetic Connector

Check Tank Levels

The Uni has a viewing window in the front of the device above the height adjustment lever which allows you to easily view the remaining material in your tank. 

Yocan Uni Tank Viewing Wondow

Great Design

The Uni is all the battery you need for all your favorite cartridges. Convenient micro USB charging on the side of the device allows you to keep it upright while charging. It has a compact and portable design and provide a secure and discreet way to carry your cartridge. 

Yocan Uni Battery Mod Compact and Portable

Yocan Uni Package Contents

In The Box
1 UNI Box Mod
1 Magnetic 510 Thread Connector Ring
1 User Manual
1 Micro USB Cable

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