Yocan Loaded Concentrate Vaporizer Kit

Yocan Loaded Concentrate Vaporizer Kit

Yocan America introduces the Yocan Loaded Concentrate Vaporizer Kit.

The Loaded takes the extremely popular Evolve and Evolve Plus lines and borrows everything we love about them, while adding a few new revolutionary features!

New Extendable Mouthpiece Design

The Loaded comes with a new feature you never knew you needed. If discretion and portability are important to you, the extendable mouthpiece will make life easier for you. Simply twist the top of the device and the mouthpiece with extend out or recess into the device.  


Coil/Loading Upgrade

The Loaded makes changing the coil and loading your device easier than ever. The coil no longer needs to screwed on or off, thanks to a perfect fit and strong magnets. Loading The Loaded  is as easy as popping open the door. 


New Coil Options

The Loaded comes with 2 new re-designed coils for you to choose from. The Quad Quartz Coil borrows the beefy 4 way coil design from the very popular Evolve Plus XL line of pens. It also includes the upgraded Quartz Dual Coil style that you all know and love!

Magnetic Removable Dab Jar

When we say The Loaded is an all-in-one device, we mean it. You can even store your concentrates inside of it! The built-in dab jar has been popular since the Evolve Plus introduced it, and the Loaded takes it a step further. Utilizing an extremely strong magnet, the dab jar fits perfectly into the bottom of the device. The jar itself is separated into 2 compartments, so you don't have to worry about different medicines mixing together.


The Total Package

Yocan is the leading manufacturer of wax and concentrate vaporizers right now, and they've taken everything they've learned and put it into The Loaded. In addition to what we have covered above, you get the same Yocan build quality you've grown accustomed to. Top it all off with a huge battery and a great warranty, and  The Loaded is quite possibly the best wax vaporizer of all time! 

In The Box

1  Yocan Loaded 
1 Quad Quartz Coil
1 Extra Quartz Dual Coil
1 Yocan Tool
1  Micro USB Cable
1 User Manual

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