Yocan Flick 2in1 Mod Kit

Yocan Flick 2in1 Mod Kit

The Yocan America introduces the Yocan Flick 2in1 vape mod kit.

Yocan Flick 2in1 Wax and Juice Vape Mod

The Yocan Flick looks similar to a Zippo lighter. It has a durable metal case with a flip top to protect your vape from the most rugged conditions. The Flick is a 2in1 device that can use both Hive wax cartridges and Hive juice cartridges

Yocan Flick Vaporizer Styling

For Wax and Thick Oil

The oil cartridge is a top-fill unit with no-leakage design. The concentrate cartridge uses a quartz rod coil for clean, rapid heating. 

Yocan Flick Vape Mod Diagram

Connected by Magnetic Connection

Same as the Hive and Hive 2.0,the Flick atomizer is also inserted and locked in the box by a magnetic connector ring.

 Yocan Flick Magnetic Connection

Classic and Modern design

Different from the Hive and Hive 2.0,the Flick adds a top lid, that not only protects the cartridge, but provides a cool look for the mod.

Yocan Flick Vape Pen

Power Indicator

When the Flick flashes white light 10 times, it's time to charge it. The indicator light shows red when it's charging and turns off automatically when it is fully charged.

Other Features

Includes window to view oil level, USB charging, compact, portable design.

Yocan Flick 2in1 Vape Pen

Yocan Flick In Package
Package Contents

1 Flick Box Mod
1 Thick Oil Atomizer with Connector
1 Wax Atomizer with Connector
1 Pick Tool
1 Micro USB Cable

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