Yocan Falcon Wax and Dry Herb 6 In 1 Kit

by Yocan

The new Falcon, from Yocan, packs a lot of features in its average sized frame.  The Falcon is really designed as a multitool that gives you options when it comes time to consume your desired products.  The first thing you will want to do is choose the mouthpiece.  There is a standard metal mouthpiece in the kit for a traditional experience, or a convenient glass bubbler mouthpiece for when you want to get fancy.  For coils, you have a few options.  There is a pre-installed Quartz Triple coil which allows the Falcon to be used as a traditional dab pen.  If discretion isn't a priority and you want to avoid messes, you can swap on the XTAL 'Dip' Tip.  This transforms the Falcon into an electronic nectar collector and just consume concentrates directly from their container.  But maybe your bag of tricks has a little dry herb you wanted to consume in it.  Don't worry, the included Pancake coil will take care of that.  Wait, did I mention that there is a metal multifunctional holder included, as well as Variable Voltage, Preheat, and USB- C Charging?  Yocan really did think of everything with this device!

Replacement CoilsReplacement Glass, Dab Tools, and Replacement Base Pieces are available separately.

USB C Charging
Variable Voltage
6-In-1 Device

Battery Capacity:  1000mAh
Battery Charge Type:  USB C
Voltage Levels:  1.8V (Preheat), 3.2 V (White), 3.7V (Blue), 4.2V (Green)
On/Off:  5 Clicks Within 2 Seconds
Start/Stop Preheat:  2 Quick Clicks
Change Voltage:  3 Quick Clicks

In The Box
1 Yocan Falcon Device with QTC Pre-Installed
1 Glass Bubbler Mouthpiece
1 Metal Mouthpiece
1 XTAL Tip
1 Pancake Coil
1 Pick Tool
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Mini Cleaning Brush
1 USB-C Cable
1 Multifunctional Holder
1 Instruction Manual

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