Yocan Evolve Plus XL Rainbow Edition Concentrate Pen Kit

by Yocan
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The Goliath new wax pen from Yocan, The Evolve PLUS XL, is the Evolve grown all the way up to a quad quartz adult. All new highs in all regards with the new quad quartz coils wrapped in stainless steel for massive hits, powered by a new 1400mAh battery 25% bigger than the Evolve PLUS. An all new magnetic mouthpiece lets you pop it off load it up and take off. Another mouthpiece feature is airflow control for a more personalized hit. Evolve PLUS' built in jar battery has been retouched, the Evolve PLUS XL features an all new removable dab jar, also now with 2 seperate containers to keep 2 loads ready. This is the Rainbow edition. This kit also comes with a lanyard to carry it anywhere and a new tool for easier loading. 

Caution:  The included loading tool is simply a tool to load a pen.  The tool is not meant to be heated in any way.  Applying heat to this tool may result in damage and injury.  

Features and Specifications:
Magnetic Mouthpiece Connection
Adjustable Airflow
QUAD Coil Technology
Removable Silicone Jar
Battery Capacity:  1400mAh
Size:  4.72 X 0.75 inches
Colors:  Black, Silver, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, Luminous
10 Second Battery Safety Cut-Off

Package Contents:
1 Evolve Plus XL Atomizer
1 Evolve Plus XL 1400mAh Battery
2 QUAD Quartz Coil (1 Pre-Installed)
1 Removable Hanging Ring
1 Lanyard
1 Micro USB Charging Cable
1 Loading Tool

Replacement CoilsBatteriesAtomizers, and Dab Jars are available.

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