How to tell if a Yocan product is genuine

How to tell if a Yocan product is genuine

Yocan includes several measures to help consumers identify genuine Yocan vaping product and accessories:

1) Yocan Anti-counterfeit Label

In order to combat fake products and clones in the vaping market,we launched a new Hologram Anti-counterfeit Label for genuine Yocan vaping products. This method will better help our customers identify the authenticity of the product.

How to use our new Hologram Anti-counterfeit Label ?

Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

Sway the label under light lightly

Step 2:

The square 3D metal relief effect plus "Yocan" gradually changes in shape at different viewing angles.

Yocan Product Authenticity Code

2) Scratch-off Authenticity Code

Then please scratching off the silver coating on your product package,go to,and enter your security code to check whether it's a genuine Yocan product.
Yocan Vaping Scratch Off Authenticity Code


Make sure your product features a genuine hologram sticker with a valid authenticity code. Fake Yocan products can be subject to failure and numerous safety issues.

To report sellers offering counterfeit Yocan products please email

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