The Yocan Trio 3-in-1 Variable Voltage Pod System

by Yocan
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The Yocan Trio 3-in-1 Pod System  is the ultimate All-In-One vaping device! The Trio comes with 3 different Pods, with a unique pod for E-Liquid, Thick Oil, and Concentrate. The Pods feature a new anti-leak Advanced Air Flow system and a strong magnetic connection. The magnetic connection allows you to swap between pods very easily. The Thick Oil and E-Liquid Pods have ceramic coils that crank out flavorful vapor. The Concentrate Pod features a classic Yocan Dual Quartz Rod coil that will give you great flavor and big clouds. The New Yocan Trio coils are also backwards-compatible with the Evolve 2.0 3-in-1 Pod System. The Trio is a Variable Voltage Pod System with three heat settings. You can cycle through the voltage settings by clicking the power button 3 times rapidly. The button back-light will change color depending on the heat setting you choose: white-Low, blue-Medium, and Green-high. The Trio features a preheat function, which runs the device at a lower voltage to get thicker oils moving. Clicking the button 2 times will activate the pre-heat function for 10 seconds, and the button will stay lit throughout the 10 second pre-heat cycle, or until you click the button rapidly twice to deactivate it. The Trio has a 500mAh built in battery that uses standard Micro USB charging. 

Yocan Trio Pods available HERE

Variable Voltage
Preheat Function
3 Different Pods Options
New Antri-Leak Pods

Battery Capacity:  500mAh
Battery Charge Type:  Micro-USB
Dimensions:  3.2" X 0.99" X 0.56"
Voltage Levels:  3.4V - White Light, 3.8V - Blue Light, 4.2V - Green Light
Preheat Duration:  10 Seconds
On/Off:  5 Clicks Within 2 Seconds
Change Voltage:  3 Quick Clicks
Preheat Start/Stop:  2 Quick Clicks
Pod Capacity:  Thick Oil and E-Liquid - 1.0ml
Pod Resistance:  Thick Oil and E-Liquid - 1.4Ω, Wax - 0.75Ω

In The Box
1 Trio Battery
1 Concentrate Pod
1 Thick Oil Pod
1 E-Liquid Pod
1 Micro-USB Charging Cable
1 User Manual

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